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Platinum Care Face Trio

Platinum Care Face Trio

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For Mature Skin.

This trio contains:

1x Day Cream 50 ml 
1x Night Cream 50 ml
1x Eye Cream 15 ml 

The regenerative formulas supply the skin with highly active anti-aging ingredients. The innovative Platinum MP Complex is extraordinarily effective at filling lines. The skin's texture is verifiably smoother, lines are filled from the inside and the skin's substance sustainably built up.

Colloidal platinum makes the skin feel noticeably better straight away. The skin appears refreshed and relaxed. MatrixylTM Synthe‘6TM is an innovative peptide proven to fill lines. The highly effective peptide stimulates the synthesis of six key skin building blocks (collagen I, III and IV, fibronectin, hyaluronic acid and laminine-5). Lines, especially laughter lines and crows' feet, are smoothed effectively, giving the entire skin a much more toned look. Silk acacia extract protects and repairs damaged collagen fibers through glycation and supports the skin's own special detoxifying systems.

A rich lipid complex of shea and mango butter and macadamia nut oil cares for the skin during the night, leaving it silky soft. The skin's own protective barrier is supported, and its moisture balance stabilized.
The result? Well-rested facial skin, greater tone, improved moisture and visibly reduced wrinkles.



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