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Janssen Perfect Bust Formula

Janssen Perfect Bust Formula

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The Firming Breast Care contains the Bust Firming Complex in a highly concentrated form. Its light emulsion-like texture contains a cocktail of
cocktail of active plant ingredients. It is composed of quince,
green algae and white lupines as well as mango Steen, a tropical tree whose fruit is still
The fruit is still known as the "queen of fruits" and is revered in Asia.
The firming and breast-enhancing effect of the Bust Firming Formula is
convincing. The remarkable results obtained in scientific studies have been
justified in detail *. To ensure the long-term success of the treatment, use
The professional beautician offers the special firming treatment for the
treatment from JANSSEN COSMETICS. The perfect complementary treatment for
and a wonderful opportunity for a first meeting, the time to discover some of the
time to discover some beauty secrets, such as alternating a shower with
alternating hot and cold showers, strengthening the pectoral muscles that support the
support the chest, a good posture, and in case of opulent chest, a bra well adapted to the breasts which does not crush the chest.
To end on a high note, another surprise! Often it is not the size of the
that is a determining factor for a woman's satisfaction. What is important
is a breast with a soft, silky skin and firm, plump breasts.
firm and bouncy contours.


- Bust-Firming Formula Complex, whose effectiveness has been proven
by scientific studies *
combination of three active
active plant substances.
- ESP: elastin-stimulating peptides for more firmness
- Short-chain hyaluronic acid: a low molecular weight moisturizing factor
weight moisturizing factor, manufactured by biotechnology. It retains hydration
in the tissues, penetrates the deep layers of the epidermis and
replenishes the skin from within. It makes the skin smooth and keeps its
- Hyaluronic acid with long chains: hydrating factor of high molecular weight
weight moisturizing factor, manufactured by biotechnology. It retains water in the
skin tissue and forms a firming tensor film on the skin
- Macadamia nut oil: softens and smooths the skin, rich in
palmitic acids; palmitic acid promotes the oil's ability to penetrate the skin

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