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Nature's Image Cosmetics

MEN Wash And Shave

MEN Wash And Shave

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• Wash and shave with this product

• Free your skin from excessive sebum production
• Prevents irritation caused by shaving
• Moisturizer
• Simple application
• Pleasant fragrance

Practical wash and shave gel for men. When combined with warm water, it produces a luxuriously creamy lather, which is perfect for deep cleaning and / or shaving.
The new Purifying Wash & Shave gel from JANSSEN COSMETICS was developed for men who appreciate an easy-to-use product. The cream thoroughly cleanses the skin, while allowing a perfect shave. The special 2-in-1 formula, with D-Panthenol, reduces and relieves skin irritation and leaves the skin fresh and relaxed.
D-Panthenol is the precursor (provitamin) of vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid). It is easily absorbed in the skin, moisturizes and improves the elasticity of the skin. It also helps the formation of new skin cells and therefore contributes to the regeneration of men's taut skin. In addition, D-Panthenol has anti-itching, anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

These properties make D-Panthenol an ideal ingredient for this practical and nourishing formulation.
An essential tool to start the day right!

Soap a small amount of the product on your hands to create a creamy lather and apply to the face. If you use the product to shave, give a gentle massage on your beard and wait a moment for it to take effect. Then shave as normal. Wash any excess product with lukewarm water.

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