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MEN Energizing Eye Roll-On

MEN Energizing Eye Roll-On

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• Revitalizes the tired eye area
• Softens the skin and increases its tension and firmness
• Hydrate
• Cooling
• Ideal for when you are on the move
• Non-sticky concentrate
• Rapidly absorbed by the skin

The refreshing Roll-On Energizing Eye immediately addresses signs of fatigue. The cooling massage ball applies the powerful formula directly on the skin. In this process, the eye area is gently massaged and swellings are reduced. Over time, the elasticity and tension of the skin is improved, wrinkles are reduced.
Energizing Eye Roll-On contains SPECIMEN, a 100% natural anti-aging ingredient, developed especially for men, from the leaves of the South African Baobab tree. This extract prevents the accumulation of versican, a proteoglycan, which accumulates in the elastic fibers of men's skin as they age, and leads to a loss of viscoelasticity. With the help of the Baobab extract, the viscoelastic properties of the skin improve and the wrinkles are reduced demonstrably.
In addition, Men's Eye Perfecting Complex, a powerful formulation consisting of peptides, microalgae extracts, panthenol and short-chain hyaluronic acid, reduces dark circles, lines and wrinkles.
The result: the eye area appears immediately fresher and relaxed and rested. Over time, the appearance of wrinkles, dark circles and bags under the eyes is improved.

Apply Energizing Eye Roll-On under the eyes every morning and evening after washing and before your skin care routine, and allow it to be absorbed.

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