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MEN Calming Hydro Gel

MEN Calming Hydro Gel

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• Instant comfort after shaving
• Keeps skin moisturized for the whole day
• Soothes skin and prevents irritation
• Boosts skin regeneration after small cuts and nicks
• Increases the skin's resilience
• Absorbed quickly, without greasing the skin
• Pleasant fragrance

Calming Hydro Gel combines the benefits of a light and moisturizing cream for skin care with the soothing effect of an after shave gel. The intensely moisturizing formula is quickly absorbed into the skin, leaving it pleasant and fresh.
Calming Hydro Gel contains Men's SuperMoist, an ingredient developed especially for men's skin, with an immediate and lasting moisturizing effect. This ingredient contains the key components of the natural skin hydration factor (MFN), especially ions (potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium), but also urea and lactate. The SuperMoist for men stimulates moisture retention, improving the smoothness and hydration of men's skin. At the same time, Ultra Calm for men soothes the skin after shaving. The rescue remedy for irritated skin immediately relieves the skin and prevents the razor from burning. In addition, Ultra Calm for men rebuilds the damaged skin barrier and reduces inflammatory processes.
The result: Immediate sense of well-being after shaving, fresh and nourished.

Apply Calming Hydro Gel on clean skin in the morning and / or evening and massage gently. It is also ideal as a post-shave treatment.

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