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MEN 24 / 7 Energizer

MEN 24 / 7 Energizer

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• Intensively hydrates

• Prevents loss of tension and firmness
• Signs of premature aging of the skin are reduced
• Protects from free radicals
• Pleasant fragrance

24/7 Skin Energizer is an anti-aging cream for skin care for mature men. The skin absorbs it quickly, offers maximum moisture, acts to prevent lines and wrinkles and provides protection against harmful environmental influences, for skin that feels fresh and nourished.
The innovative formula contains Men's SuperMoist, an ingredient developed especially for men's skin, with an immediate and lasting moisturizing effect. This ingredient contains the key components of the natural skin hydration factor (MFN), especially ions (potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium), but also urea and lactate. The SuperMoist for men stimulates moisture retention, improving the smoothness and hydration of men's skin. At the same time, a natural anti-aging substance from the leaves of the South African Baobab tree increases the viscoelastic properties of the skin. This extract prevents the accumulation of versican, a proteoglycan, which accumulates in the elastic fibers of men's skin as they age, and leads to a loss of viscoelasticity. With the help of the Baobab extract, the viscoelastic properties of the skin improve and the wrinkles are reduced demonstrably.
The result: the lines and wrinkles appear visibly reduced, and the skin appears in general younger, fresher and revitalized.

Apply Skin Energizer 24/7 to clean skin in the morning and at night and massage gently. It is also ideal as a post-shave treatment.

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