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JANSSEN 24H Body Moisturizer

JANSSEN 24H Body Moisturizer

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The 24h Body Moisturizer provides the skin with intensive hydration and gives it
a fantastic suppleness. The delicately scented formula is enriched with
extract of black orchid and contains highly effective moisturizing agents and shea butter.
and shea butter. Thanks to its light texture, it is quickly absorbed by the skin
with a pleasant floral scent.

The 24h Body Moisturizer contains the concentrated care power of the black orchid.
This graceful plant is a true survival expert and possesses the extraordinary ability to store water and nutrients. Inspired by the
properties of this exotic plant, an oily extract rich in fatty acids was developed to
rich fatty acid extract has been developed to provide long-lasting protection against
dehydration. In combination with short- and long-chain hyaluronic acid
hyaluronic acid and the natural moisturizing factor Aquaderm®, the skin is
the skin is provided with long-lasting hydration. In addition, allantoin soothes irritated skin and
shea butter reinforces its barrier properties.

- Black orchid extract: oily extract; rich in fatty acids, it protects the skin from
skin from dehydration and reinforces its hydrolipidic film
- Aquaderm®: complex of moisturizing ingredients (pyrrolidone
carboxylic acid, lactic acid lactate, fructose, glycine, niacinamide, urea)
dissolved in water. The active ingredient has been proven to moisturize dry skin
for 8 hours and strengthens its barrier functions
- Hyaluronic acid: lasting hydration
- Shea butter: precious fat from the kernels of the tropical shea nut
shea nut; nourishes and protects the skin with a delicate protective film
- Allantoin: soothes irritated skin and reduces redness

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